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We understand that at this present moment in time you might be worried, 

and maybe even a little angry and confused about possibly contracting a STD or STI. 


Please understand that

everything you need to know about STDs and 

their symptoms and treatment is here.


One thing you need to know now, is that all

STDs and STIs have an incubation time.


Please Do Not Get Tested Too Soon as The Results Could Be Incorrect.

Please see below to find out when is the best time to get tested. 


Local-STD-Testing.Com is Here To Provide You With Both 


Lab Based Testing Home Based Test Kits.

The services and treatment we offer are the

very best they are second to none. 


You and your health are  important to us.


Fact: 1 in 3 people have an STD yet 80% have no symptoms.

STDs can be scary, but most can be treated easily, especially if they’re caught early.


If you feel you have symptoms of an STD please look at the 

 Symptoms Checklist below.

Free Doctors Consultation If Needed.

You and your health is important to us.

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Providing Over 4,500 Lab Test Centers & Home Testing Kits

100% Private STD Testing

STD Symptoms Checklist

Possible STD Infection
STD Infection

Most Common STDs and Their Symptoms

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FAQ's About STD Testing

How Long Should I Wait After Having Unprotected Sex To Get STD Tested.

How Acurate Are Home STD Test Kits?

According to research, 

Home Test Kits are accurate and reliable with a 

specificity of 95% to 98% 

and sensitivity of 98% to 99%.

Are STD Testing Centers Private?

We offer 100% private testing. 

You are not required to show your ID at the lab, 

you’re given a unique code which allows the lab to perform testing without your ID, 

and your results are uploaded to your private online account.

100% Private STD Testing

Providing Over 4,500 Lab Test Centers & Home Testing Kits

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