More FAQs About STD Testing

Can I Get More Than One STD

Yes. In fact, some STDs make you more susceptible to contracting other STDs. That’s why it’s best to get tested for all STDs

Can I get The Same STD Lots of Times


Getting treated for an STD does not mean that you are unable to contract the STD again.

Do Condoms Prevent STDs

Condoms increase your chances of preventing STDs, but they are not 100% effective in preventing any and all STDs.

Are All STDs Curable

Most STDs are curable, especially when they’re caught early. HIV and herpes are STDs which have no known cures but can be managed with antivirals.

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Can I get an STD if I’m a virgin?

Certain STDs can be transmitted through non-sexual contact as well as oral and anal sex. 

(See: Are all STDs sexually Transmitted)

Are all STDs sexually transmitted?

While all STDs can be transmitted through sex, some of them may be transmitted in other ways.

Should I get tested for an STD even though I do not show any symptoms?

Many STDs may not show symptoms, or may disguise themselves as other illness/disease symptoms. The only way to be sure is to get tested.

What is the difference between an STD and an STI?

Technically there is a difference between STDs and STIs. An STI (sexually transmitted infection) is an infection whereas an STD was an infection that developed into a disease.