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No Insurance or Referral Needed

We make it fast and easy to get the lab testing you need, 

whether it is blood work your doctor recommended or an allergy you have been trying to diagnose. 


We provide the doctor’s order or 

referral that is required by the laboratories

so your physician’s referral is not needed or required.

Same Local Labs Your Doctor Uses

All lab testing is done via blood or urine samples 

taken in one of our more than 4,500 partnered CLIA-certified labs across the US, 

including Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. 


Our testing methods and vast lab network means 

that there are no invasive procedures and that we have lab locations near you!

Super Fast Results

Lab testing online affords you the ability to find the tests you want,

 purchase them securely online at an affordable price, 

and test at the lab of your choice at your convenience. 


Most results are available in your secure online account within 24-72 hours

so you can print them out and take them to your doctor, 

or access them whenever you like from your

 smartphone or computer if you are monitoring a health condition.


100% Private STD Testing
Over All Rating

Very Affordable

The labs we use are the same blood labs that doctors and physicians use, 

however, our partnership allows better pricing for everyone, 

especially those with no insurance or high insurance deductibles.


No Appointment Needed

All of our labs are walk-in labs; there 

is no appointment necessary. 


All that is needed is to place your order online, print your form, 

and head to the nearest lab testing site. 

After you give your sample, results will be uploaded to your secure account in 1–3 business days.


Why Wouldn’t I go to the Doctor?

We offer many benefits over going to your primary care physician. 

When you test with us, you don’t have any of 

the expenses associated with going to the doctor. 


We don’t have co-pays, deductibles, or hidden fees. 

You also don’t have to go through the hassle of dealing with insurance, and you don’t need a referral. 


Simply pay for the test and get your results in 1–3 business days. 

We’re bypassing the doctor and getting the lab tests directly to you.